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Hey friends! I thought I'd take a little time to just "catch up" with all of you. I realize there's so much going on in my life off of the internet and I haven't really shared much of that over here! I've been keeping busy with so many projects lately. 

One thing I've been pretty involved in since the start of the year is my local babywearing group. I know I've maybe mentioned the group here or there, or maybe some of you have seen it referenced on my Facebook if we're friends. Back in January/February, I took a little workshop to become a babywearing educator and leader in my local group. Ever since then I've spent the last Tuesday of each month helping families get the feel for babywearing and to find the perfect carrier. I've certainly made my love of babywearing known, but I really enjoy the fact I get to help others love it, too. Through our local group I've met some of the most amazing women. Incredible mothers and wonderful people. They've been a support group for not only me, but other local moms and caregivers. I know I'm surrounded by good people in that group, and I'm proud to call them friends. Some meetings are spent helping dozens of new families while other meetings are low-key and we just sit around and chat about life for 2 hours. I love how laid back and casual everything is. It has really helped me realize how much I enjoy being a support person for people. I certainly don't expect everyone to be as excited about it as I am, or even "get it", but it is something I truly enjoy.
Another offline thing I've become pretty involved in is my local doula network. By supporting families in the babywearing group, I noticed how much fulfillment I get from being able to help. Through many channels and networks, I've come to befriend so many incredible women who help their communities at large, and I'm aspiring to do the same here. I never really imagined I would become so passionate about something like birth and postpartum work, but I'm eager to pursue this side venture for a bit. I'll save most of the details for another post, but I'm excited to take my postpartum workshop here in Nashville on Sunday. I've learned so much about myself since having Linden, and I'm continuing to discover myself, too.
Mike is six weeks into his new job and we're really starting to hit our stride at home. I've been responsible for so much more now that he's out of the house 40-50 hours a week, but I'm learning a lot, too. I've been cooking... like an adult! I've said it a hundred times before, but cooking is not my forte. It's not something I ever really enjoyed before, but now that I'm starting to get better at it, I'm finding joy in creating a meal from start to finish. And I'm not talking about things from the microwave! (Another perk to training for postpartum work! Cooking skills!) I'm always on the hunt for new, simple(ish) recipes that the kids will eat, so if you have any favorites, I'm all ears!
The Summer season seemed so short to me, but maybe I'm just feeling a little guilty for not taking more advantage of it. I had a lot of ups and downs this Summer, too but I'm hoping the new season will bring a sense of calm and freshness. I've been working with the windows and doors wide open the past week and it's incredible what it has done for my mood! I know Winter will soon follow though, and I'll have to deal with the shift of energy yet again. Any tips for how to battle those gloomy months?!
This certainly isn't everything I wanted to put out there, but I guess it's a good start! I promise to check in more frequently and chat about life and all its happenings. How about you though? What have you been up to? Let's chat!

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  1. So excited to hear that you're getting more interested in doula stuff. It's so amazing!

  2. Life sounds so busy and wonderful! Simple recipe I learned when I started cooking- Spinach pancakes. It's 3 ingredients- spinach, flour or rice flour and egg (you could probably use a substitute if you wanted) and they're super tasty breakfast-for-dinner food.

    1. said recipe ^ works with every veggie! A can of corn + 1 spoon of flour + egg = to die for. make sure to use a small amount of oil and a small sized flame as well

  3. do post about you (ad)ventures helping families postpartum! I'm really interested, but where I live we don't have the same support networks and I'd love to hear lots and lots about it. Also, bravo for wearing LA (do you call him that? ha ha ;P ), my 10 months old is the size of a toddler (she's tall! and I', 5'1) so she's become a bit heavy for me to carry.. Also, it's constant summer here and so humid. When he temperatures get to a friendlier degree I'll definitely wear her more often, heaviness and all :P

  4. Sorry for bombarding you with comments, but I saw this and though you'd be interested: https://www.facebook.com/israaid/posts/10153657979269136
    So sad :(


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