// Dear Santa: Mama + Linden's Wishlist

Last year I had a really hard time thinking of anything I wanted for Christmas aside from a nice, new down comforter and some matching dishes (ha! So adult. Much boring!) but this year I can actually think of a few fun things! They're mostly pretty boring and adult still, but I guess that's what happens when you reach your mid-twenties. Just me?

There are a few things for Linden on here, too. But let's be real, they're really for me. He's too young to really care haha Cloth diapers to round out our stash, and a fun door jumper to help me get some work done. We can still say they're for him though, right?

Dear Santa, we've been really good this year!

1. BumGenius 4.0 FreeTime All-in-One Cloth Diapers: I really love our Flip Hybrids, but I'd love to add some AIOs to help keep things chugging along. The convenience of AIOs being just like disposables (plus you know, washing...) has me sold. // 2. Lenny Lamb "Summer" Wrap (Size M - 4.6m): I really want a woven wrap to add to our arsenal of babywearing gear. I love the versatility of wovens and I like the idea of back carrying, too. (The price is in Polish - Don't let that scare you if you're on the hunt for a woven yourself! They're super affordable!) // 3. Brother Serger: I don't really care what brand it is, but I'd love to have a serger so I can work on some baby sewing projects. The zig zag stitch on my sewing machine only offers so much help. // 4. Alva Baby Cloth Diaper Gift Card: Again, more cloth diapers to round out our stash. We have a good start with our Flips, but I need more to keep up with this heavy wetter! The price and prints on these just can't be beat. // 5. Duvet cover: I love our down comforter from Christmas last year, but one year and one co-sleeping baby later, it's a little dingy. Adding a bright white cover would perk it right up! // 6. Deep pocket sheets: Another boring adult thing. I'd love some cozy new deep pocket sheets to sleep on at night. I always forget to buy the deep pocket ones, argh! // 7. Sephora gift card: Mama needs some pampering, too! I feel guilty spending money on myself since Linden came along. The spare cash can always go to clothes for the boys or a rainy day fund. Having some guilt-free money to spend on that expensive foundation that I totally don't need would feel nice haha! // 8. Door jumper: Just a cute little door jumper for Linden to hop around is so mama can get some work done. How cute is this one?!

We're not the type to spoil at Christmas, but even so I can't really think of much to get for Linden. A couple of books, a few pieces of clothing, and a toy or two. What do you suggest for a 5 month old baby's first Christmas?! I'd love some ideas! xo


  1. For Audra, I couldn't resist; I got her a whole outfit for Christmas. We're trying, officially, to do the "Something you want, something you need, something to wear, something to read" thing + one or two gifts from Santa. Obviously at four months she's not ready for Santa, but the principle still stands... right? I got her a holiday striped sweater dress and a red hooded zip-up sweater with BEAR EARS. BEAR EARS, KAELAH. And little jeggings from Target. We bought her the "I Want My Hat Back" book by Jon Klassen, the alphabet floor tiles that B. makes, and a teddy bear. I'm weakening on that being all, though, although like you say that first Christmas is more for Mom and Dad than it is for the baby! I'm also picking up Christmas books here and there, since we want to do the "read one Christmas book for each day of December" thing.

    On her Christmas list I've tried not to be TOO practical. There's lots of toys for her next development stages - baskets full of things she can take out and put back in, or stacking rings, that sort of thing. Books, always. As far as practicality, my mom got her an Exersaucer and I've asked for more clothing and diapers (ALWAYS DIAPERS). I don't know. I'm bad at being too practical!

  2. I looove BumGenius Elementals. If you're using the cotton insert with the Flips now, it's like a sewn in cotton insert, and you can add more inserts underneath if you have a heavy wetter (I like to tuck hemp boosters underneath them for night-time). They are the best, and nice and trim, too.

  3. Great list!
    We're going to do cloth diaps for my upcoming baby boy as well, and I was wondering if you did newborn sizes or if you did disposables for that stage? When did the flips start fitting? I've already invested in some flips, freetimes, 4.0s, and a couple other brands, but not knowing how big the boy will be I'm afraid to get newborn sizes!
    I'm also super excited to try to make some at home, but I don't have a serger either :)

  4. I have that exact serger -- it's fantastic!

  5. A sewing machine is also on my wishlist this year! I really would love to start venturing into more advanced projects and this would help immensely! Also, I swoon over the gorgeous duvet covers, I just know that my furbabies would ruin it with there muddy paws in the the wet east coast winters. They're luck I love them!



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