// Things I Love Thursday v.206

♥ this is the cutest thing i've ever seen! ♥
this chair is dreamy! ♥
these marshmallow mugs are SO CUTE! ♥
♥ this pattern is so fun ♥
this chair is also amazing haha! ♥
this rad cake ♥
these illustrated recipe posters ♥
this cute print ♥
this is so true! ♥
this cup set! ♥

// Exchanging and spending money aboard: Dos, Don'ts, and Advice. Wish I had read this before going on our honeymoon to Mexico! Boy oh boy we got ripped off haha!

// Loly in the Sky is currently recruiting affiliates! Get on board if you're interested!

// I'm participating in a super fun holiday gift swap and you can get in on it too if you'd like! Space is super limited though!

// Speaking of Tea Box Express... Are you a blogger looking for partnerships?! Shoot an email to hello@teaboxexpress.com with your info (your name, blog url + blurb, and an overview of your stats).

// There are so many posts and articles about the whole Lena Dunham thing... I'm not even sure where to start or what to think! Here's a post from XOJane, and another from Roxane Gay. What are your thoughts?

What are you loving this week?


  1. Thanks for sharing! I really love the pink chair too and the way everything is put together, it looks great and that sloth is adorable!


  2. Sloths - nature's way of telling us it's all gonna be okay.

    I think that Lena Dunham's childhood behavior is probably basically entirely because she was raised by inappropriate parents. They admitted outright she was raised basically without boundaries, and I fully believe Lena acted out as a child abuse she had likely received herself in the guise of "being open with your children". Liste n to her description of her family - her father is essentially a pornographer and her mother's big "statement" was to take defiant photos of her own naked body in explicit poses and frame them around the house. I highly doubt paintings and photos were the ONLY inappropriate things happening. That said, I'm shocked that she was A. so blase about it in the first place, B. no editor caught that and shrieked OH GOD NO TAKE IT OUT TAKE IT OUT, and C. that she tried to file a cease and desist for a website that was just quoting her own words back at her.

  3. I am so fascinated by this whole Lena Dunham issue. Mostly because I think it is super brave of her to admit these sorts of things, seeing as I don't think they are unique to her yet it is so damn taboo, but I think she went about it aaaallll the wrong ways.

    Dunham is normally very diplomatic and has a way of choosing her words that I appreciate, but in these excerpts it's so blatantly obvious that it is going to strike the wrong chords in people. She straight up puts in that her behaviour was like that of a sexual predator. To tackle such a tricky, taboo topic and ALSO throw in such a connection is absolutely a recipe for bad reactions.

    Anyway, I'm interested to see how it all plays out.

  4. Lolly in the Sky...omg I want it all. I hope they come over to the UK at some point


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