// DIY Roadside Lemonade Stand (for only $3!)

Mike and I have been wanting to build some props for H+H shoots for a while now, but we've simply never gotten around to it. We have access to an insane amount of weathered pallets for free and we finally wanted to build something with them. We spent a couple of hours one day this week putting these together and we're insanely overjoyed with how they turned out. The best part? We only spent $3! We used 100% salvaged lumber and we only spent pennies on screws and nails. Each stand only cost us a little over $1 (and some time/sweat!) That's pretty incredible right? We snapped a few photos to show you what they look like, but they're not all stylized yet. We're planning on using them for some upcoming Him + Honey shoots (including mini sessions!) so you'll have to wait until we really style them up! I shared a sneak peek on Instagram the other day and several people requested a DIY, so here you go! It's such a simple build I'm sure you'll get the hang of it from the photos alone. (The tutorial is for the lemonade stand. The roadside stand with the roof is the same basic foundation, just with an extra rectangular frame up top!)
To build these you will need to find some pallets (roughly 2-3 pallets per stand) and break them apart. You can typically find them for free somewhere around town (Craigslist is usually overrun with them) Most pallets are made up of some 1x4's nailed to two or three 2x4's. The best way to pull them apart is by using a sawzall, but you can use a trusty hammer and some elbow grease if that's all you have access to. If you're going the sawzall route, slide the blade between the plank on top and the 2x4 underneath and cut the nails. It's not fun but it's effective and fairly quick.
Once you have all the pallets disassembled lay out several planks on the ground. These will be what make up the front of your stand. You can use however many you want based on how tall you want it. Find the shortest plank in the bunch and cut the rest to match. Then lay out a few planks for the top. Again, you can make it however deep you want. Cut those the same length as the boards for the front. Our top has a slight lip on the lemonade stand because we liked the look.
Next you'll need to build a couple of rectangular shaped frames. You can use the 2x4's from the pallets for this. You want to lay out the planks for the front and measure them. Subtract 3 inches (3 inches is the width of two 2x4's. If you're using something else change the measurement accordingly) from that measurement and cut four 2x4's to that length. Then lay out the planks for your top and measure them as well. Subtract an inch from that measurement and cut four 2x4's to that length. Now assemble your frames with the short pieces on the outside of the rectangle. 

Now you need to nail the planks on the side. Take full length boards and line them all up with one side flush with the outside of the frame. Once they are all nailed down you'll want to cut the excess off the other end. Now you can take the remainder of those boards and do the same thing on the other side.

Since the boards for the front and top are all cut to length already you just need to square them up on the side panels and nail them in place. At this point you have a base with three sides and one top completely boarded up. You can stop here if you just want a countertop. 
If you want to add a sign it's pretty easy. Take a couple pieces of lumber (We used a spare 2x2 we had laying around) and cut them to the desired height and screw them into the 2x4's on the back of the stand. Then just nail a few planks up on top. It's really that simple! We didn't bother to share the actual dimensions of ours because it'll be dependent on how tall/long you want it, and what lumber you have to work with. We chose to use weathered wood because we really liked the aesthetic. It's all pretty relative. Since it's meant to look pretty "shabby chic" in a way, you can get away with some wonkiness (we even made the sign a little caddywhompus to add to its charm).
At the end of the day you'll have a really cute little roadside stand to use as a photo prop, wedding bar, craft show display, or whatever else you may want/need. We're planning on toting these to some Honeybean events and using them in Him + Honey sessions. (We have a lemonade stand end-of-summer mini session coming up if you're interested! Couples, kids, families, etc! Email us for more info!) We've actually already been asked to build a few for some other people, too. If you're local to Nashville and would rather have someone else do the work, get in touch!

Cocktail party, anyone?!
PS; Sorry for the Toby spam... but seriously, how cute is our kid?!


  1. Won't lie, I was totally in this for the Toby spam. We aren't quite kidded-out enough to need a lemonade stand yet, haha

  2. Those stands turned out so great. And he really is a cutie pie

  3. THE BEST PICTURES! Loved this entry! Hope you're enjoying your weekend! xoxo

  4. Toby looks so happy! I swear, this is every little kid's dream! You're also totally right in that it can be used for a bunch of other props for photos and so forth. Way to go!

  5. Oh. My. Goodness. This is amaaaazingly cute! And so professional! If I saw a kid selling lemonade from a stand like this, I'd HAVE to buy some!

    Elyse @ Cuddly as a Cactus

  6. Wow to go they are fabulous and I'll be putting this on hubby's to do list immediately.

  7. that is totally amazing! ta for the tutorial it's gonna be handy for me one day as i wanna one. Oh and CUTE cat!

    The Young Bridget Jones

  8. If you don't get a book deal one of these days I will eat my hat.

  9. Gah!!! Cutest project ever! Also, cutest kid ever!

    Ladyface Blog

  10. Toby is so beautiful I just want to squeeze him!

  11. This is the most gorgeous idea! I love it! And how adorable is Toby!

    I've recently started my lifestyle blog, please check me out on....

    Thanks x

  12. I love this! Cutest kid, I swear. Almost makes me want to get to procreating. Such a great prop, you guys are so handy.

  13. Cutest kid ever! Almost makes me want to get to procreating...almost! The stand is going to be amazing as a prop, you guys are so handy!

  14. This is amazing! Wow! You seem to have such a lovely family life!


  15. Toby is such a natural little model

  16. That is so cute! And Toby is such a cute little model.


  17. These are so cute! I wish I had a garden to put one in =)

  18. The wood from pallets can be toxic. Read this: http://www.apartmenttherapy.com/upcycled-wooden-pallets-green-158131

    1. Thanks for your comment Zoe. I'm well aware of this and while I didn't mention it in the post, the stands should be fine for a use such as this. I wouldn't recommend placing any edible directly on it obviously, but it's not like I'm putting it in our kitchen for daily consumption and storage.

  19. WOW this is incredible and Toby is such a stunner... seriously, SO cute!

  20. ugh his freckles in that last photo though! <3

  21. ugh his freckles in that last photo though! <3

  22. Such a cute idea and it turned out great. The photos look amazing too, and he is an absolute cutie!

  23. My heart melts with how cute Toby is!!!! *.*

  24. What a great idea! Such a lovely way to spend an afternoon :) and your boy seriously is a cutie patooty. Adoooorable!

    partyatgatsbys.me x

  25. I think they turned out AMAZING! Now I want some lemonade!

  26. OMG, Toby is the cutest little model! Love it!!!

  27. How completely ridiculously special and sweet! oh myyyy!

  28. Thank you for sharing your adorable stand! I just wanted to let you know I put a link on my blog
    ( growwildmychild.com )to this page for my readers to find more inspiration here!

  29. I know this is a little bit older post, but thank you so much! I just build mine in about an hour and a half with wood I had on hand. You saved me around $250 from the one I saw for purchase online!

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  31. Hello, I was just wondering if you could share the height of the stand? (not the very top, just to the counter area) thank you!


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