What a Wednesday!

Today was a lazy (but productive... craft wise!) day. I woke up and immediately started making fabric roses. Why? Why not! I've got some wonderful ideas in mind for these little things! I made 15 of them today (and boy are my fingers hurting!) and I made 8 the other night. I also made some organza flowers, but they didnt turn out exactly as cool. I made a run to WalMart and then back to the crafting. So lame! haha

I received some penpal packages, too! I received an adorable card, and a package from Stacey.. the package was so great! So spot on! She really gets me :P It had a cute floral apron, an anchor pin, a sweet pink bow ring, sunflower mini-pot, a shark magnet (!!!!!), a cute little heart shaped chew toy for georgia, gorgeous colored nail polish, an adorable floral pattern make-up-ish bag and a sweet note! She's the best! Then I received a huge box from Caitlin! She sent me some adorable fabrics, a thirfted dress, and some of the cutest jewelry ever (and a sweet card!) You guys really spoil me and it means so so so SO much, especially knowing where your hearts are at with it. I've started to rebuild my fabric and craft collection since I was so devastated to lose it.

Seriously! Thank you so much, guys! I will have packages out to everyone by the end of the week I hope! (Including Stacey, Caitlin, Aoife, Hannah, Susannah, etc!) Sorry for the delay, but I got my sewing machine fixed so I wanted to send everyone something handmade!

I made vegan sloppy joes for dinner as Mike got home and we just settled in and watched tv for most of the night (I made more floral roses, too). Tomorrow I have to be in Franklin at 11am for the FEMA inspector to come by what used to be my house and determine what kind of federal aid I'll be receiving (Lord knows it'd be heavensent at this point!). Also, I have to lug Baby G with me as her hairloss as gotten even more severe and she spent the entire day throwing up and having diarrhea (gross, i know!) but she's my baby and I need to take care of her. We're really really starting to worry. Keep your fingers crossed everything goes well! I'm sure they'll run some tests on her tomorrow.

The clock is ticking for my move to NYC. Just two weeks! I need to acquire and pack so much! This weekend is my last weekend at work (huzzah!) and we have Toby (double huzzah!) so I'm excited.

Earlier this week (Monday) I was going to do a "A Day in My Life" style post but of course I left my Nikon battery at home. Maybe I'll do that tomorrow? Not that anything exciting really happens but it'll push me to actually get dressed and to DO something with myself. It'll be a lot of driving and such tomorrow anyhow, but still! We'll see!

I hope you're all having a glorious week thus far! Thanks for being awesome blog readers!


PS; My blog turns 1 year old on Sunday! And I'm so close to having 600 followers (holy cow! Never thought I'd say that!) In light of that, I'm going to post a little giveaway! So stay tuned! And send people over! The quicker that ticker hits 600, the quicker it'll happen!


  1. Cute flowers! I hope Baby G starts feeling better soon. I always feel so bad when Higgins (my chihuahua)is sick. Sending some chi your way!


  2. vegan sloppy joes, one of my favs!

  3. Those roses are super cute!! I'd love one as a hairband - will you be making any? Glad you got spoiled woith some nice treats as well, especially after your recent bad luck xxxxx

    I hope your doggy gets better soon as well mate :)

    And congrats on nearly 600 followers!! I have 6 :D I've put one of your blog buttons on my site and will be sending people your way! My blog is at http://thischarminglifeuk.blogspot.com/ - it's a bit messy at the moment though :)

  4. i downloaded foursquare after i read how much you liked it...but i always forget to check in! haha

  5. hehe and there was me getting all excited yesterday.

    Here in the UK if they try and deliver your mail and they can't get it through the mail box they leave a card so you can pick it up or have redelivered when someone is in - I had one of those cards and on the way across town I was really excited that it might be a package from you. hehe I got there and it was Grey's Anatomy Season 2 that I'd bought from eBay - okay it was exciting but not as exciting lol.

    The flowers are awesome and to spend all day crafting is cool not sad! If it's part of who you are then don't put it down! For years I would hang out with my Mum making cards and stuff like that and then it when I got back to school I would put that time down to my friends like I just did it because my Mum wanted to hang out with me (most of the time I wanted to hang out with her - the friends I did have a rarely saw at weekends lol)

  6. great post, I love these flowers, very clever of you.

  7. I hope Georgia feels better. Good luck tomorrow with everything! Your flowers look awesome.

  8. I love the flowers too! I really hope Georgia's ok, I know that's always super scary when your pet's sick.



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