Friday Friday!

Today was nice because Mike didn't have to be at work in Brentwood until 1pm, which means he didn't have to leave Hohenwald until 11:15am. We were able to sleep in a little bit (10am) and hang out before he left. It seems like our time recently has been cut short because he works so much and the commute is so long. But anywhoo, today was also my mother's birthday. Happy Birthday Mom!

I cleaned around the house a bit and finished up some cards and packages for my penpals. I set out for the post office and mailed at least 10 things, so if you've sent me anything, be on the lookout! I received an adorable postcard from Rennie, a sweet Bulldog card from Cecily, a sweet Canadian card from Jane C, and I also received a card with the most generous gift inside from Caitlin M's parents in Ohio. The card was so so generous and so incredibly thoughtful, I cried upon opening it. I read it aloud and my mom cried, too. I cannot begin to express my sincere gratitude to Mr. and Mrs. McCormick.

Today I received a package from SusannahBean and it was the most adorable thing ever! Inside was a pack of smoothie jelly belly jelly beans, a gorgeous handmade yo-yo headband (which I planned my entire outfit around), a handmade bracelet (which I'm currently wearing), a mixtape cd, a card, and some color swatches. I can't wait to listen to the cd on the way to work tonight. If you have time, pop over to her ETSY and check out her stuff! The headbands are suchhhh fantastic quality and I'll definitely be buying some! I love them SO much!

(I have more photos of all of these wonderful things, but unfortunately my iPhone doesn't want to send them to my computer! If nothing else, I can post them tomorrow!)

After the post office, I picked up Mom 3 Gerber Daisy plants, a gift card, and a birthday card. She's already planted them in the front yard!

Tonight I went with my mother and stepdad to dinner at Junk Yard Dog steakhouse. Not the most fantastic place for a veg to eat but I made do. We talked about the drive to NYC and it appears we shall be departing Tennessee on Friday, June 4th and we'll arrive either Friday night or Saturday. We may swing by Asheville, NC on the way! They just left for birthday festivities and I'm sitting with a towel on my head as I get ready for work. I have to leave so soon but I refuse to rush.

Mike gets off at 9:30pm and he's going to drive down to my bar while I work. Then we'll come home, sleep, and try to enjoy a low-key day for his only day off.

So sorry for the lack of photos! I know how boring text-only posts are! haha

Oh, Maggie told me about a super cute website where you can get the most adorable wallets and such! You should pop on over to Fluff Shop and check it out (I LOVE the one she got!)!


  1. Glad you liked it dearie! I was working on a budget, but I'm really glad you liked it!!! Thanks for the links!


  2. i love what she did with the cd! such great songs! and opening with Dolly P, best present ever! lucky lady!

  3. What a cute package!
    What's on the mixtape?


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