// The Importance of Knowing Your Personality Traits

Personality traits are something that we all have and we’re often aware of other peoples, but have you ever thought about what they might mean?

Our personalities were always once thought to be fairly stable across time and context, and difficult to change, but it has since been found that our personalities can alter throughout the years. Although we essentially remain the same person, our attitudes and approaches to life can evolve over time.

You might often consider what type of personality you might have and finding out your personality type can really help give you some insight into yourself and discover more about your strengths and weaknesses. There are various personality tests online but you can take the best Enneagram test for free, which will define your personality from nine different types.

Advantages to understanding personality traits 

It can be all too easy to get wrapped up in your own ‘ideals’ in the world and not always consider how someone else may see things. By getting a better understanding of all the different reactions and perceptions that other people might have to the same situations, can highlight your own personal preferences. This will give you a glimpse at some of the traits that other people possess, which can really prove to be eye opening. It’s always useful to gain a wider perspective on others attitudes and appreciate that we all have a different way of seeing and interacting with the world.
Have a better understanding of your strengths and weaknesses 
It might not always be easy to pick out parts of you that perform well, but it’s a fact that everyone has their strengths as well as their weaknesses, so it’s important that you dig deep and really start to understand these traits. It could be anything from having great organizational skills, to be being an empathetic person.
You may have many great qualities but it’s crucial to see that some particular strengths and positive attributes can sometimes go against you in situations. By having an awareness of this, means that you can ask other people to deal with scenarios that perhaps you’re not best placed to deal with - especially so in work situations.
Don’t fixate on your type 
Your personality type may suggest that you should aim for a certain career but it doesn’t always indicate that it will be the right path for you personally. It’s most certainly more of a guide to what your traits would suggest would be suitable, but no two people are the same, nor do they have the same mix of traits that make the ‘perfect’ ideal. 
We all develop and learn over time, so it’s important to realize your potential to change your perceptions over time. If you’re rigid in your beliefs of who you are as a person, it might impede you making authentic relationships with people.
Although we all tend to have people that we warm to and get on with better than others, don’t exclude the ones who don’t fit the mold for your likes and dislikes. Over the course of your life you will have many different types of people and many fall into different categories. How many of them have surprised you by actually being someone that you can find some common ground with, or least learn from your differences? 
Keep an open mind and remember to take pointers from what you learn about yourself, but recognize that it’s not always clear cut.

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