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There is one thing that all humans have in common: the need to achieve. We all have a purpose here, and what that is isn’t always clear, which is why we set ourselves some goals in the hope that it becomes clear later on. Life goals are not the same for everyone: what one person wants won’t be the same as everyone else, and that’s okay!

To have a goal is to have a dream, as cheesy as that sounds. It’s in these goals that we craft our futures and we choose the paths that take us to each of our wishes in turn, making them come true one by one. For example, you may wish to move to the other side of the world one day, and you’d put in place the education that you need to get there and the job to pay for it, too. When you achieve the goals that you have, the feeling of satisfaction that you get from it is worth every single worry about what you can achieve in the first place. 

There are some goals out there that are specific and others that are very much open to interpretation, and it’s up to you how you do it. So, a goal that could be open to interpretation is the one where you decide to move the other side of the world, as you wouldn't have specified where. You could then align one goal with another: emigration with buying a house, for example. Perhaps your line of work is particularly popular in Singapore, and you could buy Singapore property and really make a whole new life for yourself. You may not have considered moving abroad, but perhaps when you think about it, you may be open to the idea. Goals offer personal development as much as they do adventure, and knowing what your goals could be will give you a target to aim for. 

So, with this in mind, let’s take a closer look at some goals that could really shape your life and bring you joy at the same time.
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  • Aim To: Do What You Love
It’s the hardest decision to make: deciding on what you want to do, what you love to do, in life. You may not have any idea about it until you start getting out there and experiencing life for all that it is. You could hate your current job, but instead of wallowing in the negativity, you could get out there and really experiment with other things. Figure out what you love to do and get out and do it! There’s nothing stopping you from going on your own journey of self-discovery.
  • Aim To: Put Yourself First
Most people wouldn't put this on their list of life goals, but they should. Self-care may be shouted in magazines, but it’s something that you should be paying attention to - big time. You need to consider how self-care is going to give you a break from the everyday stresses in life. You need to put your mental, physical and spiritual wellbeing first - and put yourself first more often than you don't. 
  • Aim To: Contribute
What do you offer in life? Who are you helping and how are you making a difference? These are questions that you should really be considering. Your life is going to have meaning, but it’s only going to have meaning if you know how to make a positive impact on other people. Donate the things that you don't use, and love your friends and family hard. You can be a person that puts themselves first and still be compassionate to the difficulties that others are having. It’s entirely possible to make sure that you are giving and loving, and still want to do things for yourself. 
  • Aim To: Enjoy Life
Are you going to get out there and get an education? If you haven't thought about it, perhaps start to make a list of pros and cons about going back to school. You may be one of the lucky ones who knows what they want to do in life from the moment that they are in school, but if not there’s nothing stopping you working it out now and going and doing it. You’re not a failure for not knowing what you want from life at the age of 18. Instead, you need to think about what you want to do with yourself, and then go and do it. The safest, best way to enjoy your life is to know what you want and go and do it. It’s the best way to feel fulfilled.

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