// The Secrets To The Best Night's Sleep

As kids, we hated going to sleep. It seemed much cooler to stay up late playing video games, chatting with friends, or just puttering about because sleep was lame. However, as you get older and become an adult, you realize that sleep is crucial if you want to function as a human being. 


This throws you into a slight paradox, though. You know you need to sleep, but knowing you're still awake makes you stressed, which stops you from falling asleep, and the vicious cycle continues. However, it isn't impossible to uncover the secrets to the best night's sleep. 

Regular Exercise

It's something that everybody already knows about, but it's also an aspect of a good night's sleep that always bears repeating. Regular exercise will boost the presence of melatonin, which is a natural hormone related to sleep. With this, you're able to get to sleep easier and with less shifting, twisting, and turning throughout the night. Whether a quick walk around the block or a full workout, you can still reap the benefits. 

Coziness and Comfort 

Everyone wants to be cozy and comfortable when tucked up in bed, but maybe your bedsheets, mattress, or environment aren't right for you. If you are using an old childhood bed, consider checking what size is a king bed and upgrade to something where you can sprawl and stretch out, even if your partner feels entitled to some space, too. It would help if you also made the room as dark and cool as possible without it being too cold, as this can also impact your sleep and cause restless nights. 

Bedtime Ritual 

Rituals naturally inspire people. We love the order and consistency that they bring, so just like you have a morning routine, whether that's a fresh cup of coffee while eating breakfast or doing some yoga in front of the TV, you should also try a bedtime routine. This can include meditation, reading a book, or putting your phone away until the morning. The more you follow this routine, the more comfortable you'll feel with it, and your brain will start associating sleep with this routine, which will help you get to sleep with fewer problems. 


There are plenty of factors that could impact our sleep, too. These can range from snoring or sleep apnea to restless leg syndrome. It's possible that even with a regular sleep ritual, comfortable environment, and lots of exercise, you still struggle with getting to sleep. If this is the case, you can consult your physician to find out solutions to overcome these problems. However, this may not be possible if you live alone, so think about apps or devices that can monitor your sleep and identify the potential issues affecting you. 

Sweet Dreams

Getting the best night's sleep every night won't just help you feel well-rested. You'll also have more energy, be happier, and you'll be healthier, too. These combine to ensure you take each day by the scruff of the neck and overcome anything that gets in your way. 

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