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It seems to be the case that you’re either naturally organized, or you simply aren’t. Some people chalk it up to how they were raised, others say it’s genetic, others claim your zodiac sign contributes to your organizational skills. Whatever your reasoning, it’s clear that some people are naturally more drawn to hyper-organization, while others are more inherently chaotic and all over the place.

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By the time you become an adult, you’ll know already whether you’re naturally one way or the other; if you’re on the less organized side of things, you may feel frustrated when you’ve tried to do better in this area. Those who struggle to organize their time, belongings and schedules have often tried to improve and found it hopeless. Here are three ways to be better organized, for even those who struggle with it!

Use Your Phone To Help You

You’ve got a smartphone - use it! Smartphones are designed to make your life easier and more efficient, and most of us barely scratch the surface in terms of utilizing the available organizational tools on our phones. You can use a personal calendar which sends updates and reminders, so you never miss a meeting. You can track literally everything - even down to your menstrual cycle - on your smartphone. If you struggle with scheduling and timings, your handy device has got your back.

Likewise, you can use tech to help you maximize efficiency for your home or office organization. An online mail sorting system such as https://physicaladdress.com/virtual-business-address/ sorts and scans all your personal and professional mail for you, providing a confidential service which lets you sort your mail from your smartphone while you’re on the go.

Take Your Time

Part of the reason people forget things or lose things is due to rushing around. Everyone’s guilty of this at some point in their lives, but some people spend each and every day rushing, instead of calmly taking things step by step. Rushing around creates chaotic energy which contributes to disorganization and stress. If you are prone to this, force yourself to slow down. When leaving the house for work, take five seconds before you go out of the door to think about exactly what you’re doing for the day, and what you need for it.

Making Lists

If you aren’t in the habit of making lists, start today. It is one of the most strangely satisfying things to do. If you have a busy life and you struggle to get through without forgetting something or missing an appointment most days, start listing what you have to complete in the day each morning. This will help you tick off tasks once they’re finished, and remind you through the day of what needs to be completed. This is a free, age-old organizational tool which isn’t used enough in this day and age. Bring back list making!

All in all, your organizational skills can be cultivated and practiced. Anyone can be organized with the right tools!

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