// If Bad Habits Are So Bad, Why Do We Always Slip Into Them?

Our human instincts make us natural survivors. We can usually sense when there’s danger around us and our body does plenty of things in order to protect us. For example, when our body detects chemical changes in our body, we start to feel nauseous because it thinks that there’s a toxin. In order to expel the toxin from our body, we instinctively feel like vomiting in order to get rid of it. This is just one example of how our bodies protect us from bad things.

But if that’s the case, why are bad habits so hard to break and why do we always slip into them? Surely if something like smoking was really bad for our bodies, we would feel ill and awful after doing it?

Unfortunately, it’s not that simple.

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Bad habits give you a temporary reward

Every bad habit in your life has a temporary reward. For instance, smoking tends to have social implications attached to it. In the past, it made people feel “cool” since it helped them fit into the workplace or with their friends. Some people also claim that it helps reduce their stress, but this is mostly due to the fidgeting with their hands and the image it gives in some circles.

As we grow older, we tend to try and balance bad habits with good ones. In short, everyone has their vice because it gives them some kind of temporary reward. Even sleeping for long periods of time or binging on fast food can be considered a bad habit. You know that it’s going to make you feel bad afterwards, but you still indulge in it because it has a temporary “feel-good” moment.

But are all bad habits really bad?

One of the things about bad habits that people misunderstand is that we can’t get rid of them. Habits are there because our body feels a need for something. However, what we choose to fill that can greatly affect our body and mood. Some people like to sleep in because they feel comfortable in bed or because they’re tired. However, if you have commitments or something fun to wake up for, then you’re less likely to sleep in.

Similarly, something like the THC oil from cannabis can actually have positive effects on the body. While there are some side effects, it’s usually a lot better than other forms of smoking and most “hard” drugs that can change your body and make you highly addicted. In short, bad habits might seem bad on the surface, but there’s likely a much worse alternative around the corner.

So can we get rid of bad habits?

It’s important not to think of them as bad or good habits. Instead, it’s best to accept that it’s part of who you are. Once you realize that you have a problem with something or that you could be spending your time and effort doing something different, you’ll start to have a clearer mind that allows you to make better decisions.

In short, don’t just think of bad habits as unequivocally bad. Instead, think of them as something that can be replaced with something better, and always remember that your bad habit could be something a lot worse.

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