// The Art of Embracing Life and Saying Yes

In a lot of articles and self-help posts, you are likely to find that many posts talk about saying no more. The main points with these kinds of posts talk about in life we say yes to a lot of things that in reality, we don’t actually want to do it anyway. Saying yes can mean more pressure and responsibility, as your calendar will be filled up more than if you said no. The articles also cover points that if we say yes because we want to people-please, then it won’t be for the right reasons. So as a result, according to this mindset, people believe that we can start to lose sight of our own goals and priorities.

Of course, there can be some truth to this, because we do need to set some boundaries and make sure that we aren’t just doing things to please others. It is important to set up some priorities in our life, and being able to handle our own time. Life is short, so you don’t want to spend it doing things that you have no interest in or can’t help. Saying no for some people isn’t a problem, and if that sounds like you, then it might be that you need to say yes to some more things. Saying yes for some people, can be more of a challenge. 

Saying no means no failure. Is that worth it?

If you have an introverted attitude towards things, or have a fear that runs deep, when it comes to failure, then it can mean that saying no is a safe and happy thing to do. You don’t have to push yourself if you’re not doing anything. And if you’re not doing anything, then you won’t have anything to fail at. Saying yes can be something that can feel a little daunting, but it can also help to encourage some commitment, confidence, and self-belief. It is all going to be worth it, especially if things make you anxious or fearful? 

The answer for so many of us is going to be yes, it is worth it. So many fun, interesting, and exciting things can happen when you are out of your comfort zone. You could be offered the chance to move to a new city with your job, for example. Moving can be stressful, of course, but you can get help from companies like MyBekins, and you can also think of the life lessons and growth that you could experience as a result. You can learn new things and push yourself when something like that comes along in your life. Just imagine learning a whole new language or customs from another culture. What about learning how to live a fast paced lifestyle if you've always been accustomed to the slow and steady? Even more challenging, in my opinion, would be to learn to slow down and savor all that a new city has to offer. Another example of this is meeting new people. Can you meet the one for you if you’re just sitting at home? In reality, that is unlikely; you need to make an effort. You could be introduced to a wide array of people, with so many fascinating stories to share. New people help us see the world through different lenses, and they open our minds to all the possibilities out there. Saying yes to meeting new people is a great way to network and grow your community, too. So don’t think about the fear and what could go wrong, but think about all that you will gain as a result. 

Find some new ways to say yes in your life, for the things that are going to really benefit you. Saying no has its place, but so does saying yes.

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