// 3 Myths You Probably Believe About Apple

Apple is one of the largest companies on earth. They are so large in fact that there is barely a person who doesn’t own or hasn’t owned one of their products. Being the size they are, Apple has been subject to many myths and fallacies over the years.

Today we are going to attempt to separate fact from fiction and squash those pesky little myths, once and for all.

The Apple Logo

One of the most prominent and most twisted tales when it comes to apple is the story of its logo. Many people will claim to know why the Apple logo is what it is, the truth, however, despite what teachers have told the students has nothing to do with Turing.

The myth that circulated for many years, and still today is that the apple is inspired by the bite that Alan Turing took from the apple. The amusing thing is that Rob Janoff, the graphic designer who created the apple logo that we know, didn’t know a fat lot about Alan Turing.

Another myth that followed the apple logo was that the bite from the apple was meant to represent a metaphorical ‘byte.’ The reason for the bite is far more amusing. Janoff decided to include the bite as a way of stopping people believing the image was that of a cherry tomato.

Apple Computers Are Difficult To Use

This has been something that has been circulating incorrectly for years now. There seems to be a convoluted myth that apples are far more difficult to operate than a pc.

The truth behind this matter is quite simple; it’s a matter of what you are used to. Most schools across the world had a tendency to adopt a windows based system when it came to educating the world in the way of computing.

With the lack of initial users in comparison to windows, it just became a ridiculous notion that spanned across the ages. The truth is, it is just as easy to access activity monitor on Mac as it is with Windows.

One of the most controversial things that could be said is that a Mac may be slightly more user-friendly that a Windows PC nowadays.

Macs Work Better With Apple Accessories

If you have ever visited the apple store and spoke to one of their “Geniuses”, you may be fooled into thinking that when it comes to your mac, you better have apple products for optimum performance. 

This is one of the biggest myths that surrounds Apple, and it is generally pedalled by Apple itself. Apple has a fantastic ability to try to make the use of third party products as difficult as possible. 

Unfortunately for Apple, the Chinese market is always quick to follow up any apple release with a cheaper solution, and in all honesty, as the Apple graveyard in China does put out some quality alternatives. 

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