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Happy Monday! Things are pretty quiet around here since Toby just headed back to school after a full week of Fall break. To be honest it was kind of nice having someone else in the house with me for the past several days. Granted he didn't spend much time inside, but nevertheless, I enjoyed having him home. Mike had Friday off from school for Oktoberfest (yea, they actually let schools out for that... and all it is is glorified yardsales haha) but sadly it rained all weekend. We did manage to get a little bit done on the home front though. We're installing a dishwasher (!!!) but man, it's a bit more involved than we thought haha Luckily Mike is super handy, so hopefully this time next week it'll be fully functioning. We'll see. On Saturday my parents kept the boys for a few hours while Mike and I ran some errands. We both upgraded to the iPhone 6 (though we won't get them for a few weeks. boo!) and I went and got my septum re-pierced. (I had it pierced for 10 years, but left it out for a few days post-caesarian. Getting my septum pierced in the middle of allergy season probably wasn't smart haha!) We had a quick lunch at Waffle House and then Mike helped my stepdad with some electrical work. I had planned on meeting some girlfriends for brunch yesterday but Linden had the sniffles and time somehow managed to get away from me. Instead I hunkered down with Mike to work on some web work and we marathoned Gilmore Girls. Overall I'd say it was a successful weekend! Nothing too exciting, but not too bad either.

I managed to snag this dress up during ModCloth's 70% off sale a few weeks back. I had ordered its "sister" dress a month prior and loved it, but it was a full size too big so I had to send it back. I sized down for this one, but looking at the pictures makes me think the skirt is just too.... long? wide? I don't know... but it's not quite "right." The dress itself is gorgeous and it fits great up top. The pattern is super fun and it even has pockets! But I'm just not loving the bottom half. A bit silly to bring that up now since I'm wearing it and posting the photos for the world to see, but whatever. I think it might be perfect if it just didn't have the mesh panel at the bottom. I like the look of it, but proportionally it'd be a better fit. Anyway, I was looking for any excuse to wear my favorite. shoes. ever! Seriously, I love these flats so so much. They're just so snazzy! I waited so long to try and find the perfect outfit for them that I basically didn't wear them for the better part of a year. Now I'm looking for any and every excuse to put them on haha

This week I'm going to really try to get back into the swing of things. I feel like I tell myself that every week, but it never quite happens. I've been lucky enough to get a bit of work done here and there, but I spend most of my days in a pajama dress and my hair in a bun. I need to get up and out of the house, curl my hair... maybe even wear lipstick. (But truth be told every bit of it would end up on Linden because I can't help but kiss him a hundred times a day haha) I feel so much more like "me" when I am able to leave the house on the weekends. It's easier said than done with a little one during the week, but plenty of folks do it so I just need to put on my big girl britches and head out the door, right? Totally... ha. (Though Gilmore Girls is always so tempting...)

Here's to hoping it's a super productive week for all of us! xo

Stitch Fix cardigan
Urban Expressions clutch via Stitch Fix
ShoeMint flats (c/o last year)


  1. the dress makes me want to wear something fun instead of pajamas

  2. Amazing dress!! you look gorgeous and super fierce!!

  3. You look gorgeous in this outfit! I love the print on the dress :)
    Your weekend sounds rather wonderful, as does a gilmore girls marathon. Embrace the adorable little excuse you have to not leave the house, I say! Although I do understand that occasionally, you want to feel like a functioning member of the outside world haha xx

  4. Goodness gracious you are so beautiful! The dress is lovely, but I agree, it's a little too long for my liking. Would look super cute just above the knee xo

  5. I don't think I've seen a picture of you in black and white, and it looks fabulous on you! It would probably be pretty easy to remove that bottom panel if you or anyone you know has some very basic sewing skills. That said, I think it actually looks very pretty :) And for what it's worth, I used to get dressed and go out for lunch at a real restaurant a few days a week with my baby while I was staying home just to make myself a) get out of my pajamas and b) interact with other adults!


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