// ModCloth's Follow Your Faves Style Gallery Contest!

I love me a good contest. (Um, are you totally tired of me plugging the WWDMAGIC one yet? See what I did there?) ModCloth is currently offering up some pretty rad rewards as an incentive for you to "Follow Your Faves" on the Style Gallery!

If you don't know what the Style Gallery is, it's where customers and fans can submit photos of themselves wearing items sold on ModCloth and you can be inspired by their pairings! Think of it as one really, really big "Outfit of the Day" type blogs... There's seriously so many awesome contributors! (And you could be one of them! Just pop over and submit some photos!)
Here's the info straight from ModCloth... obviously they're going to explain it a lot better than I can!
A new year means new inspiration to follow your favorites in the ModCloth Style Gallery! That's right. Now not only can you draw inspiration and admire your fellow style mavens, but you can follow them! Starting today, follow style that inspires you and promote your style to gain followers, for a chance to win a gift certificate during ModCloth's "Follow Your Faves Contest."
Sound sweet? Here are the deets:

  • To enter the contest, one must follow as many users as they'd like in the Style Gallery.
  • The contest begins at 7 a.m. PT on January 20th and ends at 7 a.m. PT on January 27th.
  • The contributor with the most followers on January 27th will win a $100 GC.
  • Two randomly selected users who followed that very same winning contributor will each get a $50 GC.
In a nutshell: Contest participants will need to start following their favorite Style Gallery contributors in order to enter the contest. At the end of thh contest the "most followed" contributor will win a $100 GC and two randomly chosen "followers" of that person will each receive a $50 GC. 
When: The contest will start at 7 A.M. PT on 1/20 and will end at 7 A.M. PT on 1/27. Winners will be announced shortly thereafter as a followup to the blog post and on the ModCloth Facebook page!

You're more than welcome to follow my Style Gallery page (Whoa, I need to update that thing!) and you can leave your link in the comments below if you'd like to promote your own! Good luck to all of you! I hope one of y'all is the lucky winner!


  1. Followed you in the Style Gallery and voted for your WWDMAGIC thing. Good luck!! Incase you're at all interested, here's my Style Gallery, though it pales in comparison:


    - April

  2. You have my vote for the WWDMAGIC contest! <3
    Good luck wonderful!

    x Sara from andalittlechaos.blogspot.com


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