// Temptu AirBrush Makeup Kit : Video + GIVEAWAY!

Happy Sunday, y'all! Today I'm sharing a (ridiculous and possibly awkward) video of me talking about the new Temptu AirBrush Makeup Kit and showing you how to use it yourself! Then you'll have the opportunity to win your very own Temptu system! Holla!

So let's talk about the kit... When I was invited to participate in this campaign, I had to think about it for a bit. I've wanted an airbrush makeup kit forever, but I was so incredibly intimidated at the thought of sharing a video of me using it, ya know? Still, I couldn't pass up this awesome opportunity so I jumped on board. I'm really glad I did because I ended up loving the system way more than I anticipated. 
First off, this thing is so easy to use. I'm the type of girl who can't even grasp the most simplistic makeup tutorials via YouTube, but after watching the Temptu video I totally had it down. Temptu was created by some of the top professional makeup artists, and is regularly used by folks like Madonna, Beyonce (!!!), Lady Gaga and Katy Perry. It's the first of it's kind to be produced into an at-home airbrush makeup system for regular gals like you and me. The kits start at $149 and you can even get in on the limited edition ones if you like a little more pizazz!

You'll have to forgive me and my video in case it's awkward haha! This was the first time I've ever sat down with the intention of making a tutorial-esque video of semi-decent quality! It was a lot of fun though so maybe I'll do more like this in the future. I'm always jealous of the snazzy skills those YouTubers have.

In case you're at work (you cheeky thing!) or somewhere you can't watch the video, here are some general points I made:
  • Like I said above, the Temptu system is so easy to use. It takes not time at all to get the hang of it. It's perfect for all ranges of skill level. From a gal like me who can't manage winged eyeliner if my life depended on it, to a formally trained makeup professional.
  • The system uses the patented AIRpod makeup to allow you to easily swap out shades and types of Temptu makeup. You can go from foundation to blush in 3 seconds flat.
  • You can buy a variety of different foundation shades, as well as blush, bronzer and highlighter via the Temptu website. (This is a perfect system to have if you're looking to get into makeup artistry! You can have all of the shades right at your fingertips!)
  • The colors I used were:  Temptu Foundation - 04 Sand (though I should have gone with 05... luckily since it goes on so sheer you can't tell too much!) Blush - Washed Rose (a beautiful dark dusty pink) and Highlighter - Champagne (so pearlescent!) 
  • You apply the makeup in small, circular motions and in light, sheer layers. Build up coverage as you go. You can go from a light "natural" look to a full face of makeup with ease. It's kind of funny to think that you spray on makeup, and I may have compared it to spray paint in the video... ha!
Several of my followers on Instagram were excited for an actual review of the system because they had been wanting one themselves... well, now's your chance! I'm partnering up with Temptu to give ONE lucky reader a Temptu AirBrush Makeup System! Woo! Feel free to check out the rules below. Good luck! Can't wait to give one of these to one of you!

If you don't want to wait and try your luck, you can get an exclusive 20% discount by using the code "PWRWUKQG" at checkout!

You can stay up to date with Temptu and take advantage of their tips and tricks by following along on their Facebook, Twitter and Instagram!


  1. I have to say, I found your video very refreshing; it was nice to hear instructions from someone who isn't a makeup pro.

  2. Wow this is so cool! And I loved your video!!


  3. I don't care about makeup at all, but totally watched this video so I could see you talk! Hahaha I sound crazy but with blogging you totally make up a voice/attitude for the person that you're reading so it's fascinating to actually hear/see them!

  4. It's always so fun hearing what my Internet friends (weirdo alert: I call bloggers my friends haha) actually sound like v. the voice I pictured in my mind!


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