// Seaside + Coral

Seaside + Coral
Okay - Real Talk! I could honestly throw away all of my dresses and just wear these Nine West dresses forever... Over the past month or two I've slowly collected a half dozen or so of them and they're unreal! The fit is perfect, the length is spot on, and the patterns/colors are swoon worthy. I need to photograph the rest of them just so you can see! Nothing beats finding a $100+ dress for well over half off. I swear my wardrobe consists mostly of TJ Maxx / Marshalls / Ross finds and I'm not complaining one bit. I knew I had to have this dress when I saw the colors. Ah! Doesn't it just make you crave the beach and sandy feet?! Maybe that's just me (and the fact I'm really hankerin' for a getaway) but it's the perfect Spring number. I wore this out and about yesterday while we shopped for plants and went to Toby's baseball game. I am the happiest when my outfit is simple and requires little to no thought. Being comfortable in the sticky Tennessee humidity is not something to take lightly. At the beginning of the day I was using my Michael Kors bag that matches the color of my MIA wedges, but then I thought it'd be the perfect time to swap it out for my coral Mondrina bag. It's smaller than I normally carry, but the color was the perfect statement piece for this blue overload. 
Seaside + Coral
Seaside + Coral
Last night after Toby's ballgame, Mike's parents came over for dinner. My parents joined shortly after and we had a feast on the deck. Chicken, pasta salad, actual salad, homemade guacamole, grilled corn, etc etc etc. You would've thought we cooked for fifteen people! It was so delicious though! Mike is so so talented in so many areas - Luckily for me he makes up for all of the places I lack. The weather was perfect and the twinklelights on our deck just added to the atmosphere. It was nice to have both sets of our parents together to enjoy something. After we put Toby to bed we enjoyed a few episodes of Hart of Dixie (I'm going to be so sad once we run out of episodes! I'm 100% Team Wade - How about you?)
Seaside + Coral
Seaside + Coral
It's supposed to be 81* today and I want to take advantage of it by laying out in the sun for the first time this season (I know, tanning is awful - but this girl could use some color!) I'm hoping the weather will allow for some pool time soon but I'm trying to not be too hasty. Instead, I'll be in my office all day catching up on emails and design work. I feel lucky that I stay consistently busy/booked for design work, but that also means no time for personal projects. I'm trying to cut out a small window of free time this month but that'll be consumed by Porter Flea preparations. (Honeybean will be making her Spring debut on June 1st at Porter Flea's "AirCraft" show in East Nashville! Just a heads up!) I'm not complaining though - these are good problems to have I need to get as much done as possible before my mom swings by after work to take me to a nursery for some more flowers and plants. I know I'll be so consumed by planting and digging (and enjoying the sunshine!) that I won't want to come inside.

Happy Tuesday! xo

Nine West dress via TJ Maxx

// Dollydagger

Can I just say how awesome and amazing y'all are (re: this post)?! Seriously, your comments are so kind and considerate. It's so nice knowing even the silliest of things can be shared among others. It also helps me feel a little less ridiculous for having those thoughts. 

Now to throw a big fat cherry on top of that sundae: wearing a petticoat in a small town! Haha If a gold dress doesn't do it, surely this will, right? Emma from Dollydagger sent over this amazing pin-up inspired dress all the way from the UK, and I couldn't wait to get that baby on. I've already made my new found love for hot pink known, and this outfit is certainly no exception. I do wish I had some better shoes to pair it with though. I think the shoes and the long(er) cardigan definitely give it a casual vibe while then the petticoat is the exact opposite, but I could use some simple pumps, I think. I went back and forth over having the petticoat show underneath or not, but ultimately I decided I liked the fluffy texture it added to the outfit. I've been trying to figure out what else I have in my wardrobe that might look good with this dress but I'm coming up short. Here's the dress itself. What would you pair it with? (In terms of shoes + a jacket/cardi/coverup) -- Help a girl out!
This weekend was a nice break from the internet for the most part (well, minus social media... which is basically the entire internet so scratch that first sentence ha). Mike and I spent some time in Nashville on Saturday. We went to the flea market with our friends Maya and Justin, but it was rainy miserable mess and I managed to complain the whole time (sorry friends!) After that we ran errands, paid bills, did boring ol' adult stuff and then hit up our trusty favorites: TJ Maxx, Marshall's and Ross. Yesterday we managed to sleep in, plant a whole lot of flowers in our flower bed, move our picnic table over to the house, install a client's design and even work on some painted signs. The last thing on my mind was the blog haha I feel like I always have these big, exciting plans for our weekends, but they never really pan out in that way. Normally I stay as far away from client work and emails as I can, but I had some loose ends to finish up. I'm trying to make it more of a priority to just kick back and enjoy those two days with Mike and Toby -- I guess I'll try again this coming weekend! As long as I feel relaxed come Monday, I consider it a success!
Today I'm starting a (somewhat challenging!) design project and I'm hoping to learn a lot of exciting things along the way. Normally in situations like this I have to lock myself in my office and just work at it until I figure things out but I'll admit that I'm feeling a bit stumped! That's the perfect opportunity to expand my knowledge though so cross your fingers. Toby has a baseball game later today and both my parents and Mike's will be there to spectate. Afterward we're having both sets of parents over for grilling out and enjoying the lush green foliage that now canopies our deck/picnic table. It was a rainy mess all weekend but boy oh boy, the greenery around our yard sure does look nice! 

Here's to hoping you have a spectacular start to your week! xo

Target cardigan
Forever 21 bracelets
Thrifted/vintage scalloped clutch
Qupid wedges

// Golden Hour

Golden Hour
Maybe it's a sign of my insecurity or something, but every time I get dressed up in something a little fancier than normal, I can't help but wonder what people around town think when they see me. My tattoos have become so second nature to me that I don't even really notice that I have them. Living in a (very) small, (very) southern town makes them more and more of a "thing" though. I wear dresses every single day, however they're typically much more casual (they still inspire the question "What are you so dressed up for?" often). I certainly don't consider myself any kind of special snowflake for it, but I'll admit my personal style is a bit off-radar in comparison to most of what you'll see around here. Even just living in Nashville, girls like me were/are a dime a dozen. I think it's something about this small-town mindset that makes the alarms sound in the heads of folks. The snickers, stares and questions are so normal they're a non-issue, yet the silent thoughts are the ones that intrigue me. I'm confident enough in myself that those sorts of things don't "bother" me, but sometimes the overheard comments and scoffs can be a little disheartening. Lately I've felt like some people simply have given the time or energy to get to know me, but instead they just write me off then and there. Then again many of these things could simply be the product of my imagination and defensiveness. Sometimes I think the problem lies in other people when in reality I'm the one with the mixed up perception. Long-winded, poorly constructed, silly thoughts from my brain. And yes, I know just how self-involved this whole bit sounds. Don't even pay this paragraph any mind haha Sometimes I get started writing something and then this happens.
Golden Hour
Golden Hour
Like I said up there, this Spiegel dress is a bit fancier than I normally wear, but who says fancy is just for special occasions?! The photos don't really do it justice -- it's GOLD! It's a really beautiful fabric and texture, and it makes me wanna get dolled up for a date night with Mike. We settled for walking around town one afternoon instead haha The general gist of Spiegel, in case you didn't know, is couture quality at everyday prices. I was able to snag this dress along with a leopard number, a gorgeous red cardigan, and a black clutch, too. I wish I would've nabbed one of those pretty hot pink bathing suits! I paired it with my always-appropriate blazer and this fantastic clutch I picked up at Ross a few weeks back (remember the orange one here?) I hadn't worn these Heda wedges from Blowfish in quite some time because I forgot just how awesome (and comfortable!) they are. 
Golden Hour
Golden Hour
Last night my parents came over to help with the flowerbeds out front. My mom brought over some hostas from her house and we got busy planting. Mike and I laid out the weed barrier earlier in the day and today I'm hoping to go swipe some lilies from my parents. I planted my azaleas and we cleared out the rose "garden" on the side of the house, too. I'm itching to pick up some final plants tomorrow so we can lay the mulch, too. I can't even begin to describe how different the front of our house looks thanks to Mike's porch railing and flowerbeds! I'm so excited! I really hope I can keep everything alive haha We also planted our strawberry plants, some red peppers, basil and a watermelon plant in our raised beds. Now to get a few more veggies to grow, too. I'm going to be so stoked if I don't kill it all ha. Now I just wish we could get grass to grow in our yard! Our trees suck up all of the water in the yard so we're left with a little bit of moss and a lot of dirt. I'm someone who loves freshly manicured lawns though so I guess I'll just keep dreaming.

Happy Friday friends! What are you up to this weekend? Cross your fingers for us that it doesn't rain Saturday. Mama wants to hit up the flea market!

Metallic Jacquard dress c/o Spiegel
Charlotte Russe blazer
Ross clutch
Heda wedges c/o Blowfish (2 years ago)

PS: Save 10% off of your Spiegel purchase with the code Spiegel13!

// Things I Love Thursday v.132

this is perfect. ♥
EnglishBulldog by Gingiber

Stacie did this AMAZING portrait of Georgia for her 52 Weeks of Dog series! Go look! ♥ 
these koalas! ♥
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this pretty gal's outfit! ♥
this frenchie! ♥
this goldfish has swim bladder disease so his owner made him a buoyancy device ♥
♥ check out this awesome ride, ladies ♥
these russian arms ♥
this abandoned church got a makeover !!! ♥
♥ i love this

this life hack is so great ♥
♥ oh lawd! ♥
this tattoo is fabulous ♥
this is my favorite ♥

// These photos of firefighters saving cats are so adorable... and the last one is a little bit hilarious/frightening!

// Did/Do you love Garden State? Want Zach Braff to make a follow up film? Here's your chance!

// Emerging Thoughts is still giving y'all 20% off until midnight tonight! Seriously, go nab those cat tattoos pronto! 

// New faces I'm stoked to have over on the sidebar this week: Amanda's amazingly adorable New Zealand blog + some of the most fantastic jewelry from The Northern Sea.

// If Your Friend Says You Are Too Fat To Be In Her Wedding, She Is Not Your Friend.

// The Gnarly Whale is offering y'all 20% off any order in their shop! Just use the code "KAELAH" to claim your savings. Also - get a free 2oz bottle of Thai Coconut Beach Waves with any $10 order after using your coupon! Mermaid hair for everyone!

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// The Future As Told By 1993 AT&T Ads: You Will Send A Fax... From The Beach.

// Want to check your cosmetics and make sure they're still fresh and sanitary? Here's a super easy way to tell!

What are you loving this week?

Psst... I'm working on compiling a list of new and old blogs I'm loving to share in an upcoming post! If you haven't left your link for me to check out, leave it with your comment! I'll spend some time tonight going through them! xo

// Buttercup

I just got this amazing (!!!) dress from ModCloth in the mail and seriously, I haven't taken it off since. Few things feel quite as nice as when a dress fits like a glove (and is even more beautiful in person!) This dress is one of those rare finds! It's a sturdy fabric, a great length, and the cutest print. I think I hit the jackpot with it! I also really love the little lace trim around the collar and waist. I skipped my usual styling with a belt because I couldn't dare cover it up. I paired it with my new mustard cardi from August Wrinkle thinking it might be a bit too dark, but I honestly love the match up. Think adding the yellow flats are a bit too much? Eh, go big or go home. Lately I've been gravitating to one overwhelming hue per outfit so I guess it's just normal for me haha. 
Hot pink is the color I can't seem to get enough of lately. Nails, lips, and accessories, too. I'm more of a pale pink/blush girl, but something about the bold color has me in a tizzy. Lately I've been mixing Make Up For Ever's "Candy Pink (N34)" and "Pink" from Forever 21 (so descriptive, right?! ha) for the perfect lip color. The Forever 21 lipstick is surprisingly smooth and very moisturizing. The MUFE has better coverage and is worth every penny (well, it's only $19). Together they really really work. (My nails are Julep's "Avery") - I couldn't help but throw on my Juicy Couture charm bracelet once I found it in my jewelry box. Mike bought the bracelet for me (and my first charm!) when we first started dating, and I quickly added several of my favorite  charms. I've seriously worn it about 3 times total, but I do love it. I know JC charm bracelets are often looked at as juvenile, but it's still special. Anyone else out there got one? (If so, what charms?!) - My hair has been a mess this week. From rolling around on it for 48+ hours while being sick, to being "foofy" from washing it, and then not holding curl as well as it normally does, I was about ready to just pull it out. I havent used hairspray on my hair in 6+ months or so, but I was tempted to take a whole can to it today. I really should just go get it trimmed already. 
Today I'm hoping to get some yardwork done, along with some design work, too. Mike and I planted our strawberry plants, basil, red peppers, and watermelon in our raised beds last night and now our front flowerbeds need tending. I'm eager to get it all ready so I can get some lillies and hostas from my parents' house. I can't even being to explain how good it feels to have our home looking like it is. We still have a long way to go, but if you were to compare our home now to the one we first walked into mid-December you'd be floored. I wish I had taken better "before" photos of it but my cruddy iPhone ones will have to do. Once we get a little bit of landscaping done, I'll share more photos of our progress! We didn't take any before photos of the outside of the house, but I think a little explaining will do just fine. Hope you're having a great Wednesday! I'll be back tomorrow with another edition of Things I Love Thursday! xo

Target neon pink strand necklace
Vintage clip-on earring worn as brooch
Vintage straw clutch

PS; Emerging Thoughts is offering all of you rad guys and gals 20% until midnight tomorrow night! Just use the code "KAELAH" -- If you need some suggestions on things to snag, here are a few of my favorites: this floral crown, and this one, too. -- TEMPORARY CAT TATTOOS!!! -- and the prettiest yellow dress there ever was!

// A Day In The Life : A Typical Afternoon

Pipkin - French Bulldog
How much is that doggie in the window?
Organizing bookshelves
Building raised beds for our garden
A rambunctious four year old
Enid : Maine Coon
Can you spot the Enid?
New Porch Railing
A brand new porch railing thanks to my handy husband. Now to paint!
New Carport Railing
And a new carport railing, too! So long, wonky lattice!
I simply had to post all three... what can I say? I love this little dude.
Toby Teeball
And he loves to play baseball... even though he crowds the plate.
Apple Blooms
Apple Blooms
Our apple trees are blooming!
Georgia : English Bulldog
By the end of the day, we were all tuckered out. (and this little lady needs a manicure)

This is what a typical afternoon looks like in our house. Loads of outdoor time, woodworking and building galore, and enjoying the sunshine. Now that I've kicked a 2 day migraine, I'm excited to dig into my new flowerbeds and get to work! That's if Mother Nature allows... it's looking like rain. On the to do list: try and document a full day in the Flynn house! Happy Tuesday! xo

// OhLife - Write In Private About Your Life

Things have been quiet around here this weekend. I'm (hopefully) coming off of an icky stomach flu and that's seriously my least favorite feeling in the world. I slept 21 of the past 24 hours and have only eaten a small handful of Saltines in that time. At this point I'm starving and feel like I could go 3 days without sleeping haha But I wanted to share a blogging platform with y'all today because I think you might like it!

I will always love LiveJournal. Always. I started blogging on LJ in 2002 and to this very day, I still have an active account I log into daily. I don't update my actual journal anymore, but I still spend time in various communities, etc. One thing that I loved about LJ is that I could be as open and raw as I wanted (and I often was... Not exactly the best idea when you start friending a lot of people on there!) But LJ saw me grow up. Relationships, break ups, school drama and regular ol' worries. Even though I cringe at the sheer thought of it, I often like to go pick a random month in my archives and read all about what was hyping me up at the time. I do miss that private glimpse into how I really felt at any given moment. I guess I could easily keep a written journal, but I've never been able to stay consistent with those. When I found out about OhLife in early March, I decided to give it a go and see what it was all about.
OhLife is a private journalling platform where you can write in as much, or little, detail as you'd like. OhLife sends you an email once per day, at your designated time, and you simply respond directly there in your inbox. You write whatever you want to include, hit "Send" and voila! A new blog post. 
I have my emails set to be delivered at 8pm because that's usually around the time our whole family winds down. Toby comes in from outside and gets ready for his bath. Mike starts cooking dinner. And I work on finishing up my last bit of lingering work. Some days in my OhLife are dramatic and awfully emotional, while other days are "Went to the grocery store. Played baseball with Toby. Took a long bath." Some days I don't even respond to the email.
To me, OhLife is the perfect balance of how to remember the past with the key details, all the while venting when I need to vent. Sometimes there are things that I see/experience from blogging that I wouldn't feel comfortable divulging on LCH. I'll tell Mike, and I'll tell a friend perhaps, but when I really want to just "get it all out", I'll put it in my OhLife journal. I also love that it's 100% private. No friends to add, no journals to read. It's just for you, the author. So many blogging platforms today are based on what you as an author can do to attract other readers, but not this one. This one is solely for your benefit.

I know loads of you are from the LiveJournal generation, too, and that's why I wanted to share this platform. I have so many micro-blogs going it's hard to remember them all, but I can see this one being like LJ - sticking around for a while. Blogger is great for socializing, LJ is great for the communities I grew up loving, Tumblr is great for photo inspiration, and Jux is great for a drama-free "happy zone"... but OhLife is great for being real. I love that. You'll have to let me know if you decide to try it out!

PS; I wasn't compensated in any way to write this post. I know that's the first thing people assume when they see a post full of adoration for a product. I just really dig it!