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Daily Photo

Today's Daily Photo is from about 6:34am (I took two because of poor lighting). That's right.. I didn't take a photo last minute or even late in the day. It was the first thing I did when I woke up. (No, I don't regularly get up at 6:30am.. c'mon! Really?!) BUT I was startled awake by the ever-increasing Manhattan traffic outside my window. But the real reason I took this photo is because it's one of my most favorite things in the world... to wake up way before your alarm clark, stare at the time with a puzzled look, and realize that you can go back to sleep for several hours. Ahh! Amazing! The hum of the air conditioner set on 64 and the always-gigantic pile of pillows on my bed... I've been doing this practically every single day and it's such a wonderful treat to be awarded those extra few (and very precious) hours/minutes. They don't go unnoticed, I assure you! Plus, I'm always waking up before your snoozin' booty anyhow! [CLICK HERE to see Mike's Daily Photo!]



  1. I love bunting!!
    Hey,pop over and check out the beginnings of my new tattoo!Would love to hear what you think!

  2. i love the bunting so much! i want some!

  3. I think that you and Mike are adorable together, so cute. I also think the daily photo idea is fantastic. I've been sending my boyfriend photos of my day since I'm currently living at home for a month before moving back to him. I just want to say I'm a bit envious of you and Mike. Only because you can tell how much Mike loves you(I read his blog, lol). I'm envious because my boyfriend isn't like that. Don't get me wrong he loves me a ton and has helped me when I literally had no money to my name but he doesn't get all cuddly all the time, he's not one to show his emotions. Which is hard for me sometimes because I'm very emotional. I don't know just want my boyfriend to say I love you more, that's all.

    I love your blog, your hair, tattoos and everything. I think you're super cute and would love to get to you know you better.

  4. love the penant banner...I think I'll make one : )

  5. i know that feeling!
    and yesss lovely banners :3


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