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Daily Photo

Today's Daily Photo is of some Fro-Yo. This fro-yo is from YogurBerry which is across the street from my apartment. Liz and I dropped in after we left the gym (and had to basically swim through a herd of people waiting to see Joan Rivers at the Gramercy Theater). I got Strawberry and Liz got Blueberry. We both had tummy aches after. Not a good sign. The consitency was really gross... more "freezer burnt" than "yogurt".... It really made me miss the Pom-Ras Sorbet at Sweet CeCe's back home. And it didn't compare to Red Mango either. We'll scope some new places (and let you try Pinkberry) next week. But isn't it pretty?!



  1. Super pretty! A shame that it wasn't good though. I hate that. Sorbet is incredible. Have a great week doll.

    lm.x (home sweet home)

  2. Its a shame that such an adorable dessert gave you a stomach ache!

  3. That's so pretty that it looks fake! haha and I'm jealous you're by a Pinkberry. I've always wanted to go there!

  4. you need to go to a pinkberry! you can get pomegranate on your fro-yo! pomegranate! YUM

    Pinkberry is soooooooooooo good!


    Topshop Shark Dress!!

    And yum XD

  6. yeah i hear pinkberry is ridiculously good!


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