Coney Island, Part 2!

So here's installment number two for yesterday's festivities at Coney Island with Lisa! While it was hot, muggy, and insanely crowded, we decided it'd be a good idea to duck into the aquarium for some air conditioning and a good ol' geeky fun time! We took many'a photos and afterwards we ventured back down to the boardwalk and Luna Park to scope out the rides. It was still unbearably hot and packed so we agreed that one day we're off work, we shall venture down early enough to enjoy a nice picnic on the beach and then spend the rest of the day getting wild on the rides! I can't wait! Coney Island reminds me so much of The Boardwalk in Santa Cruz and I always really loved it there! Only this time we had to pay to see the seals as opposed to just looking into the water! Here goes nothing:

Alright! That about does it for photos from yesterday! I just met up with Mel of Idee Geniale for some yummy vegan eats at Curly's Vegetarian Lunch around the East Village. I had some yummy vegan pancakes with fruit on top and we talked about our blogs, tattoos, and a fun little project coming up! It was a treat to meet her as her blog is one of my favorites. Such a sweet gal. After we parted ways, I started walking the 10-or-so blocks home and stopped by the supermarket for a few things (my fridge was bare!). It wasn't fun toting those bags all the way home all the while on the phone with Mike. But it started to sprinkle just as I walked in. It's clear now I believe. I had a package from awaiting my arrival. Two wonderful new cans of Sexy Hair Sex Symbol Aero Tan (phew! Long name!). It was my favorite spray tan for so long but it's been discontinued. I bought it online and I'm so happy to have it again! I need to exfoliate before using it though! I think for the rest of the day I'm just going to take it easy. This weekend was quite the eventful one and my room is an absolute mess. I need to tidy up and maybe do laundry (actually, I really need to do laundry.. but need and want are two very different things).

Here's what I wore today (tights were a bad choice! haha MUST locate my bike shorts pronto!):

{Outfit Details o6.2o.1o}
{Dress: Forever 21 (like 4 yrs ago!)}
{Belt: Forever 21 $8}
{Tights: WalMart $6}
{Flats: KMart $13}

Alrighty then! Off I go! Hope you're all having a glorious weekend! Oh, and HAPPY FATHER'S DAY to all the dads out there! To Mike and to the best step-dad ever, Robert! Wish I could be in Tennessee to celebrate but sending lots and lots of love (and cards that are undoubtedly late) from New York City!



  1. oh man, those rides look awesome!! (except the ferris's like my #1 fear..i hate them..but any other ride i am fine.) & of course love your dress!<3

  2. i saw some shark slippers in target the other day and i instantly thought of you, haha

  3. you dress so cute for such hot muggy weather!

  4. love the post, love the clothes, love the hair, LOVE the piercings, and just simply love the blog, thanks for such an upbeat and fun blog!


  5. wow, lots of photos, but they are great. I also love what you wore today. Polka dots are awesome.

  6. I think you would LOVE the zoo here in Tacoma, Washington. They have an AWESOME shark tank! oh man! :)

  7. we had so much fun! your posts were too cute!
    I cant wait to hang again soon <3


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