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Congratulations Sherri!
(aka ColoredMirrors)

Please email me with your shipping address at kaelahbee (at) gmail (dot) com so I can have that in the mail for you today or tomorrow!

Thanks for entering, everyone! I'll try to have another one soon!



  1. Congratulations Sherri!!!!

  2. you call this a 'give-away'? i don't understand the concept of this? its just stuff you got from the dollar section of target....nothing special or unique in anyway.
    lol. i never bother entering. why support mass production?

  3. then don't bother reading, either?

    i dont understand you.. i never have. you befriended me on myspace because you were "jealous" (your words, not mine) because i became such good friends with craig...

    he warned me about you. you really ARE crazy. 110%. did you ever wonder why i avoided communicating with you on social networking sites? you are absolutely ludicrous.

  4. lol i dont even knowwwww you! that's an insane assumption, figures since you heard it from him. i could care less about that balding heartless creature. you shouldnt take things so personal. theres always another side to things. go about your kaelah bee life! lmao....

    ps. everything you just said... had nothing to do about my post. drama-bee.

  5. no, my friend, you legitimately try to find any way to point out a flaw of mine ("what happened to quitting myspace?" etc). you should really just get off of it. that "balding creature" is the one you call about 43 times a day (one day while hanging out with him, you called 27 times... legitimately).

    please get off of it and see yourself to the door.i take absolutely nothing you say seriously because its full of malice and contempt. thank you.

  6. I did everything in that post that you said. How is it possible that person won? I'm sure they just did one thing. I did like the four things you listed. :/

  7. Cindy: the winner is drawn at random using i plug in the # of entries, it gives me a #, then that # of comment wins :) the winner actually did multiple things... its not based on who does the most. but doing more increases your chances. its purely based on luck/chance.

  8. that's funny MY FRIEND the last time i checked, my personal life has nothing to do with you! oh! haha! silly me. You on the other hand, post about yours. You don't know the insane side to his story, there's two sides to everything doll face. He may be your friend, but he's a horrible one at that. I find it completely humourous because you have NO idea, yet you freelly make these claims about me. Your perception on things are very distorted "what happened to quitting myspace?" Was not pointing out your flaw? It was an innocent question! With that said..... See yourself to the door, and don't let it hit you on the way out!
    I don't need to justify myself. You take a simple critic about your post, and blow it wayyyyyyy out of proportion, in fact, you even brought it upon yourself to mention things completely irrelivent to my origional inqury.
    im finished here drama-bee.

    thank you.


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