this is thursday.

today was another "wake up at 9:30 and get ready for school" days. i had Portfolio class at 11am so i got up, made coffe for Mike, and got dressed. he shot a few photos of my outfit at the abandoned house on our street. and off i went. we just had critique day for Portfolio 2 so we talked a lot and i snacked on my grapes & apple slices & banana [and coffee!]. i've been feeling much more energized now that i've taken the time to throw some fruit in my purse before school.

Thursday's Outfit Details:
Dress: Charlotte Russe ($30)
Belt: came with dress
Cardigan: Charlotte Russe ($25)
Tights: Target ($7)
Flats: Charlotte Russe ($22)
Headband: Charlotte Russe ($7)

after class i tweaked some designs in illustrator for the 2010 Student ADDY awards and then i headed straight up to Nashville to Mike's house. we got together and drove over to Opry Mills so I could return a dress. Sadly Forever 21 had NOTHING cute! NOTHING! so i just got a Store Credit card and went to teh Sanrio store. I bought THE cutest Hello Kitty phone charms [3 of them!] and then a cute Melody keychain with a big pink bow! I LOVE HELLO KITTY! *cue inner 12 year old girl* haha we grabbed some food and walked around, then we came home. We talked and relaxed, and then made dinner. We had yummy Garden Veggie Burgers and Teriyaki Rice. it was so good. now i'm perusing blogs and he's playing Xbox. we're about to jump in bed and watch Modern Family before we sleep.

I have Art History 2 in the morning. I really hate that class haha. Its the bane of my existence but I just have to get through less than 3 months of it and i'm golden! Kayla, one of my roommates, came knocking on our door with a huge stack of BEAUTIFUL paper in tow! Courtesy of Athens Paper Co. in downtown Nashville. I got sooo many colors and stocks and textures! And all of it was freeeeee! LOVEEEEEE them! If you're in need of great paper, go with them! They're so fantastic!

Today we got on the topic of how old we really are and how we act/dress/portray ourselves. I'm 21 [22 next month!] and I typically dress like i'm 12. someone even made mention in my formspring the other day that i just come off very "sweet and innocent" haha. I like that. I hope that I portray myself that way because I like to think i really AM that way. to a certain degree, at least. but a girl in our class is 23 and she dresses very... "sexy" i guess you'd call it? she tries to be a bit more provacative and such... thats just NOT me. i just dont feel like i could pull of sexy very well. id like to be able to wear some fierce black heels and be ~edgy... but i'm the girl with bright red hair, flats, dresses, and big ol' bows up in my hair! i dont know. do you guys feel like you dress your age? or do you feel like you come off older/younger than you really are?

i'd be interested to know!

okay! time to go! mike is getting antsy!

xo happy thursday/friday!

PS; if ANYONE has any Hello Kitty/Deery Lou/Sanrio/Japanese toys or collectables items that you want to get rid of, please let me know! i'll buy them from you or trade you things! :D

PPS; dont forget i'm selling a TON of my clothes HERE! all you gotta do is pick out what you like, email me at KAELAHBEE AT GMAIL DOT COM and include the link to the photo! i accept paypal! its safe and quick! yay! [and yes, i WILL trade Sanrio/Hello kitty stuff for these things!]



  1. i definitely think i dont dress my age! i definitely look younger than i am! one of brandons friends actually thought i was like 17 the other day.

  2. haha oh jess! so silly! i feel like a grandma that is eternally 12!

  3. i have the same problem, definitely, and i was JUST thinking about this too because i'm having anxiety about going to look at wedding dresses and venues because i feel like the people are going to be like are you kidding? are you in highschool?...regardless of what i'm wearing, whether i'm trying to look put together/grown up, in a typical outfit, or in a hoodie/whatever, i just NEVER feel like i look like an "adult". i feel like if it wasn't for the fact i have visible tattoos people would think i was like 16:(

    end of rant..but yes, you are not alone.

  4. Your hair looks so good, i love the color! Such a good shade of red. And as always your outfit is precious

  5. Lizzie: amen! But I'm sure everything/you will be soo beautiful! Eep I LOVEEEEE weddings!

    Nicole: thank youuuu!

    Jess: I know! But sometimes I just wanna try ~sexy! Haha

  6. I feel like I dress my age (or slightly younger) but I'm sooooo much older! 26!

    Also, I like todays outfit a lot more than yesterdays. =)

  7. I dont dress my age.
    My mom says I am growing up backwards.

    When I was little I hated dresses, pink, doing my hair fancy anything girly.
    Now I am 21 almost 22 and I love dresses, when I see something pink I am so tempted to buy it its ridiculous and my hair just about means more to me than anything else haha.

    I'd say that if I had to pick a label for myself (because I hate labels so very much when it comes to people) I would say that I could blend in easily with the scenesters (thats what they are called here in California I am not sure about elsewhere)

    The scenesters here are between the ages of 12-18 (I have seen older ones)
    They ride those fixed gear bikes and wear skinnies with awesome bright shoes and either flannel, band tees, cartoon tees, tank tops basically if you can find it at hot topic, they wear it.
    I, however, actually wear glasses but the ones that dont take the lenses out of 3D glasses and wear the frames.

    I don't knock it. Its very fashionable. But I dont think I could ever pull off being sexy either I am way too awkward to do so. I mean I even wear chucks with my dresses because I dont like heels..that and I'm already 5'11 haha.

    I like how you dress, I font think it makes you look 12 though. I think its you and thats one of the reasons I like reading your blog because you dont try to be something you arent.

    P.S. I think I may have gotten you a few more readers as I posted a link to you on my facebook. My best friend is utterly in love with you and says that you are everything she wants to be haha

  8. I'm 24 in April and I probably dress my age I'm not really sure lol.

    When I go to church on a Sunday it tends to be a hoodie and jeans, work is a little smarter but I wish I had the guts to wear dresses to work. I work with my Aunt and get rude comments about wearing skirts to work because I'm the tomboy of the family and for years did my best not to wear skirts. I blame it on my housemate who lives in skirts!

    I have a Hello Kitty lunch box somewhere at home - if I can find it and it's usable I will mail to you :)

  9. your hair is rockin girl!
    love the style love the color!
    you are super cute!

  10. gwendolyn: thanks so much! thats awesome of you! :D

    han: i know how that is! thats DEF how i used to be! AND OH MY GOODNESS! ive been hinting to mike that i've wanted a HK lunchbox for so long! eeeep! <3

    brandi: thank youuuuu! :D <3 <3 <3

  11. How about a pen pal from the UK? x

  12. Yeah I definitely qualify for the I-Look-Like-I'm-12 club, haha. It's seriously an issue. People squint at me funny when I ask for job applications. Like, I can't even pull off adult if I try.

  13. Hey, I'm a follower and someone 'tagged' me. I don't really know what it means, and tell me to piss off if you want, but check out my post about it if you wanna go. :)

  14. KAELAH: I'm in the UK and would love to be your penpal - well you know if you'll have me lol. I've not been able to find the lunch box yet - It's more like a lunch bag. I was trying to find a picture but I can't lol.

    my twitter is girltaristhan (I started following you about 10 minutes ago lol) drop me a DM if you wanna sort something :)


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