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kaelah's closet

after being on hiatus for far too long (thanks to this awesome semester! *grumble*), kaelah's closet is back. i'm SERIOUSLY in need of getting rid of all of this stuff on my photobucket. every bit of it has to go. why? because i have about 5x as much stuff to add and upload AFTER this is all gone, because:
  1. my closets aren't big enough
  2. i don't wear any of it anymore (if i ever did to begin with)
  3. i'm moving back to nyc in may for a few months, can't take it with me.
  4. i'm moving out of this house for good in 12 months, can't take it with me.
you get the idea. if you're interested in any of it, please send a email to kaelahscloset (at) gmail (dot) com and we'll discuss prices! i accept paypal (its preferred!), concealed cash or money order via mail. if you pay with paypal, i can have the item shipped the same day! :) awesome.

click HERE to see all of the stuff up for grabs!


off to get tattooed i go! have a great monday!


  1. So I know you said that you have tons of stuff to upload when it's gone... so I was wondering if you have anything that's in a small? You have lots and lots of cute stuff, so if you do pleaseeee let me know:)

  2. i have tons. but i can't riffle through it to find stuff. it'll just be uploaded after all of this is gone. theres lots of stuff thats uploaded already thats a small.

  3. I'm trying to view the album, but it says it's Private and needs a password


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